‘Crushing the Micro Stakes’ – p o k e r n e w b

‘Crushing the Micro Stakes’ – p o k e r n e w b

So I’ve had a decent weekend of it, especially since I watched some of BlackRain79’s ‘Crushing the Micro Stakes’ videos.

If you haven’t seen or read any of his stuff I really recommend it, he’s a bit of an Online Poker legend – http://www.blackrain79.com/

I decided to put into practice his strategy of basically identifying fish in the Micro Stakes; especially ones who like to splash raises and call most pots, and then take them down. As he states they “love to call”..

Anyway I have a collection of screenshots for you; they do say a picture paints a thousand words

I do feel kinda bad for this guy; catching the set on the turn.. Shame it made my full house though.


This guy was seriously trigger happy, so after a check raise I went all in, and he called… with complete air..


Another very similar example. This guy got married to his top pair and shoved. I gladly called.


Catching a set on the flop is a nice feeling, especially when they shove, again due to ‘top pair syndrome’..


This one was a little weird, I can’t properly remember but I think 55s shoved All In PF. He’d been playing a lot of hands and thrown some money around before so I called, along with another, and it turned out to be my lucky day with top pair.


I wasn’t involved in this pot but I felt so bad for JJs.

The All In was called after a shove by JJs catching on the flop, before the Turn, so it was a miracle Straight for our fish here..


I also caught a pretty bad beat here. I actually went All-In post flop, after a check-raise, so the Villain drew his set on the turn.. Ouch.

Not very word heavy today, hope you enjoyed the screenshots.


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